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Mobile Phone reception in Great Snoring

Following comments at a recent Parish Plan meeting about the poor mobile phone reception in the village, please see the response from vodaphone customer services to previous inquiries:

I apologise that we cannot give you exact timescales for improving the network coverage, as there are a number of factors involved in this, such as: *Permission to erect a new site or transmitter. *Ability to enhance the coverage given out by the transmitter *Other factors affecting coverage such as the geography of the land and *Position of buildings would need to be looked at. We would also look at the volume of customers that would benefit from an enhancement of coverage in a certain area and also the cost implications of this. Let me assure you that we take your network coverage problem seriously however, I am sure you can appreciate exactly what is involved and why this can take time. The more requests we get from our customers in an area with poor coverage, the more options become available to us.

I suggest you visit our website , click on Mobile Services and then Check UK phone coverage (To tell us about the coverage in your area, just click on the aerial symbol on the coverage map. ) and place a personal request for the network enhancement in your area.

It will ask you for some detailed questions regarding the problem you have been experiencing and I can assure you that it will be dealt with.

So, if you have problems with mobile phone reception, do visit (see instructions above) and make a request for network enhancement. The more people who ask the more likely that something positive will be done.

Great Snoring Parish Council main page

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