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Norfolk RCC is a highly respected independent charity with a broad remit to support communities and act as an advocate on rural issues.
We are heavily engaged with the Local Area Agreement process and sit on the County Strategic Partnership as well as many other key strategic groups.
Through this work our team of professional development officers have evolved a range of specialist skills and services.
We are pleased to be able to offer some of those services on a commercial basis through our trading arm; ‘thinking...rural cic”
By using this expertise we could be the perfect partner to help achieve your goals.
Please contact us to discuss your ideas and see how we could help you.

Rural Proofing

“No-one should be seriously disadvantaged because of where they live” - UK sustainable development strategy
Government policies and services need to be rural proofed. But what does it mean and how do you go about it?

As the rural experts we can advise on how to identify if your policies and services discriminate against rural people and how to deliver to rural communities in a sustainable way. We pride ourselves on taking a constructive partnership approach to solving what are genuinely difficult issues.

Project Delivery and Management

We have a wide variety of experience in project management and delivery: from research projects to complex partnerships with commercial, statutory and voluntary sector organisations.
Our extensive partnership and community engagement experience means we are highly skilled in bringing together a broad range of ideas and priorities into coherent projects.
In addition, if you are trying to reach rural communities in your delivery then our extensive networks and tried and tested techniques can give your project the edge it needs to succeed.

Community Consultation and Engagement

Consultation is often not only important in terms of getting your delivery right, but also a requirement of many development processes and contracts. However, consultation done badly is not only an ineffective ‘box ticking’ exercise but can be detrimental to public attitudes about your organisation.
Through our work with community led planning, accessibility, green infrastruture and affordable housing, our team have developed a range of skills and techniques to make your consultation genuine, meaningful and respected.

Specialist Consultancy

Our sector experience allows us to provide accurate advice, training and undertake bespoke research on a range of specialist areas including:

  • The sustainable development and communities agenda covering environmental, social and economic aspects
  • Rural issues, particularly service access
  • Affordable housing
  • Rural economy
  • Community buildings
  • Green infrastructure development

Why Choose us


Our capacity building approach works with communities developing their skills, confidence and ability to engage. This often moves groups and individuals significantly forward empowering them to take up future opportunities.


Our delivery is community focused with a broad issue base allowing us to deal with the complexity of cross-cutting challenges and overall sustainability. It facilitates engagement and support with specific target groups whilst maintaining and enhancing overall community cohesion avoiding creating stigma and isolation.

Honest Broker

Our experience, long standing relationships and independence allow us to work from the grassroots to strategic level acting as a conduit for communication. We are able to bring together and coordinate organisations, initiatives and information to deliver the integrated solutions required by an increasingly challenging environment.


We are about overcoming challenges and delivering solutions. We invest in our skilled and professional team to ensure we can adapt, tailor support and develop new solutions to make a real difference on the ground.
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