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"excellent in all ways, informative and easy to understand, thank you"

-participant feedback - marketing training

We aim to provide high quality training that matches the needs of the groups we support and is delivered in a way that is appropriate to them.

Our training sessions are well thought of and usually receive 100% positive feedback

If you have identified a topic on which you need some training that would assist you in the management and development of your committee, group or organisation we would be interested to hear from you. Email us at

"I am a professional fundraiser and have also been engaged in project management. I found the training very useful and delivered in a very 'student friendly' style- nice one thanks"

participant feedback - project management training

The Community

'The Community’ is the section of the Norfolk Rural Community Council website that is designed to be interactive.

Its purpose is to gather in one place as much information relevant to communities as possible and make that information ‘living’. What this means is that it is accessible not only to be read but also to be edited and added to. Our goal in doing this is not only to make sure that the information is up to date but also to make it collectively owned and facilitate communities in helping each other.

To ease access the information is divided into two top level categories.

Parish Plan Training

As the idea behind this project is one of openness and collaboration we have left the site accessible as we develop it further. We think this is a very exciting project but would ask you to be patient with us, as we may not get everything right immediately. We always welcome your comments and feedback so please do contact us with your ideas.

  • For information on using this site please see the user guide


Norfolk Rural Community Council publishes a bi-monthly e-bulletin called 'Signpost' which contains information and advice on rural issues. To view the most recent copy of signpost as well as back issues click here

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